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Ludwig House is a splendid 16th-century Palladian villa located in the heart of Valpolicella, Veneto. A 5-star establishment, just a few kilometers from Verona, it's the ideal place to stay and discover Verona, Lake Garda, and the beautiful hills of Valpolicella. The spacious rooms and luxurious communal spaces will immerse you in a charming and exclusive environment. The ancient park and the pool will make your day sweet and relaxing. If you're looking for a villa for rent in Valpolicella, Ludwig House is the solution that will amaze you, thanks to the many customizable services available upon request.

Welcome to Ludwig House, a precious gem nestled among the hills of Valpolicella.






Ludwig House is a magical place, and its spaces represent a synthesis of elegance, magnificence, and comfort. For your vacation or event, you will have the entire villa at your disposal, enjoying its tranquility and beauty at the highest level.

On the first and second floors, you will find the bedrooms: Junior Suites, elegant and welcoming, and Family Quarters, designed for families that need privacy and space. Time will pass slowly and pleasantly among the other spaces of the villa: the sumptuous living room, the dining room, and the magnificent park with a private pool.



Once you get inside Ludwig House you will enjoy unique peace and tranquility. Your privacy is our uttermost priority and our team will look after you, far from prying eyes and ready to respond to all of your needs and requests attentively and respectfully.

Here you will experience true, yet never ostentatious, luxury. Not just another Villa Veneta, but the private nest you are looking for in Italy.







special days

At Ludwig House, every event is unique and unforgettable.

We guide you through every stage of preparing for your special day, working alongside our carefully chosen partners from the finest in the area. Feel free to reach out to us to bring your wishes to life.

All about me

All about me

The Villa was planned and built in the 16th century by architect Andrea Palladio. The family of the Counts of San Bonifacio, dates back to 959 AD. Count Milone of San Bonifacio, the founder of the family, held the imperial seal of the Sacred Roman Empire. Of Frank-Salian origins, he led his namesake feud, which lasted after his death for about 1000 years. He grounded his rule on chivalry principles, such as honor, glory and justice. This land witnessed many wars and battles, but the dominion of the family over Verona and north eastern Italy lasted for many centuries.The property still belongs to a heir of the family of the Counts of San Bonifacio.The family has veronese origins and it inspired William Shakespeare for one of his most popular characters: Juliet. It also inspired Verdi’s first work, the “Oberto Conte di San Bonifacio” and also Dante, the Great Poet, in his Divine Comedy, celebrates Cunizza da Romano, wife of Count Rizzardo of San Bonifacio. Centuries later, Dante’s own descendant, the Countess Marialena Serego Alighieri, would be joined in marriage to Count Milone XII.



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